What Is Weddle?

Wordle has recently been one of the most popular puzzle games around the world. For this reason, many NYT Wordle game players competent in game development have created different Wordle variants to satisfy the favor of a specific community.

We have Flagle for Wordle players to test their geography knowledge, Wardle for MLB fans, Poeltl for NBA enthusiasts, and so on. And, the Weddle game is here for the football fans.

Interestingly, two teenagers developed Weddle while they were in their biology lesson. The name “Weddle” clearly shows the game’s inspiration from its original version, Wordle. Besides, the Weddle creators want to pay tribute to their favorite NFL player named Eric Weddle.

Weddle offers players eight guesses to find out the name of an NFL player. You must waste the first guess to pave the way for hints coming up. All you have to do is to click on a random name that drops down from the list.

When you finish your first guess, a list of information about the player you choose will show up, including his team, division, position, height, age, and number. These figures will be the hints for you to pick the correct player of the day.

Know More About Weddle Rules

There are two game modes in Weddle: the normal mode and the hard mode. However, both of these playing modes share the same general rules.

General Rules

You will find the three familiar colors which appear in almost every Wordle-like game. The gray information box means nothing related to the secret NFL player of the day.

The yellow color in the division box indicates that the player you pick competes in the same conference as the solution player but in a different division.

Moreover, the yellow color in the height, age, and number boxes show that the exact information is around two units lower or higher than the recent figures. The arrow will tell you whether to go up or down.

Normal Mode

You will have eight chances to guess the secret player in the Normal Mode. Besides, the players are the current fantasy players only taking positions like TEs, QBs, WRs, and RBs.

Hard Mode

Weddle allows you to guess ten times to spot the solution player in Hard Mode. The secret player may be a current player in charge of any position, no matter which side of the ball is. Therefore, the color in the position box will point out the right ball side for you.

How To Play Weddle? Some Tips

Instead of typing the solution word, like Wordle, you will have a list of the player names to pick in Weddle. Once you click on a name, all information will appear like the above rules.

Weddle restarts its game daily, so there’s only one round a day. If you can’t find the solution player when using up your guesses, you can play Weddle in the incognito tab to have unlimited play times.

Or else, you can turn to the help of Google. In the meantime, it’s best to arm yourself with some knowledge about NFL players by reading related news.

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