Taylor Swift is one of the most popular singers in the world. On YouTube alone, she has well over 40 million subscribers! Her hardcore fans are known as “Swifties,” and if you think you’re part of this group, Swiftle is a puzzle game that can test your mettle!

You’ll find everything you need to know about this Taylor Swift-centric game in this article.

What Is the Swiftle Game?

The Swiftle game is unique among the different variants of the NYT Wordle game. It’s not the first puzzle game to focus on Taylor Swift. Games like Taylordle have been around for a long time.

What sets Swiftle apart is that it is a music-based puzzle game. You’re given a short clipping of a Taylor Swift song. The objective is to guess the song’s name in as few tries as possible.

How to Play Swiftle

With the basic concept explained, here are the detailed game rules if you want to know more.

The Basic Rules

The rules are pretty straightforward. When you enter the game, you will be given a short clipping of a song (usually only one second long.) That is your clue. You can play and repeat this short clip as many times as you’d like.

If you think you’ve figured out the name of the song, you can write it into the empty box below. Don’t worry if you can’t remember the full name of the song. By entering the first word or letter, a drop-down menu will appear with the full name of the song in it. Press the correct option, and you’re done!

You need to guess the name of the song within six tries. Exceeding that, and you will fail that day’s game.

Where Can You Play Swiftle?

You can play Swiftle through your web browser via this web link: https://nytwordle.co/swiftle

It’s completely free to play!

Tips and Tricks

Just like any other game, there are a couple of tricks that you can use to give yourself an advantage in the game.

Shazam It

Some people consider this cheating, but there’s no rule to Swiftle. If you want to guess the song as quickly as possible, you can Shazam the short clipping.

Give All of Taylor’s Albums a Listen!

If you’re a true Swiftie, you will have listened to her albums before. To prepare for the game, you should still give them all a listen again (or at least listen to your favorite tunes.)

Remembering the sounds of each song will give you an edge in the game.

Skip All the Way to the End

If you can’t figure out the song’s name, the last-ditch strategy is to skip through the game. Just press ENTER six times. Once the tries run out, the game will give you the answer on its own.

Yes, you will have lost the game … but at the very least, you got your answer!


Swiftle seems like the perfect game for anyone who enjoys listening to Taylor’s music. And if you’re one of her top fans, well, it’s more or less a must-play!

The game is simple and can be finished in about five minutes or less. It doesn’t take up much time or effort at all. Give it a shot, and see whether you like it!

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