Posterdle Introduction

Consider yourself a pro when it comes to movies and the cinema world? You will be able to put your skill to the test with Posterdle. But even if you’re not a movie buff, this fun little game is still great to play during downtimes.

In this guide is everything you need to know about the Posterdle game!

What Is the Posterdle Game?

Like we said earlier, the Posterdle game is a variation of Wordle—a popular text-based puzzle game. But instead of guessing words, you will be guessing movie posters instead!

The game will give you a blurry picture of a movie’s poster. Within six attempts and 20 seconds, you must name the exact title of the film.

How to Play Posterdle

Interested? Here are the more detailed rules if you want to give Posterdle a shot.

The Basic Rules

Unlike NYT Wordle, which is a game that you can play virtually forever, you only get a single puzzle every day with Posterdle. And to win the game, you need to guess what poster the game is showing you within six attempts or 20 seconds.

When you first press START, the poster is highly pixelated. It’s impossible to guess what the poster is at the beginning.

A timer on the screen will begin at 20 seconds and slowly tick down. As it reaches closer and closer to zero, the poster becomes less and less blurry.

When you have finally figured out the movie’s name, press the GUESS button on the screen. It will pause the timer and allow you to make your guess.

You must guess the correct name for the movie within six tries. Else, you’ll lose. You will also lose the game if the timer reaches zero.

Daily Puzzle

As we said, you only get to play Posterdle once every day. The developers will upload a new poster every 24 hours. So, log in and solve the puzzles as frequently as you can!

Where Can You Play Posterdle?

You can play Posterdle via your web browser for free at the link:

Tips and Tricks

Though the game is already very straightforward, there are a few tips and tricks that you can use to conquer the game.

Press the “I Don’t Know” Button

When you press the GUESS button, the timer will pause, and you will be able to write your guess. But if your guess is incorrect, you can press the “I Don’t Know” button to the side to resume the timer.

If you’re unsure, always press the button and let the poster get more vivid. Remember, you only have six guesses. Make good use of them.

View As Many Movie Posters As You Can Before You Start

Since the game is exclusively about movie posters, the only way to get good at it is to look through popular movie posters. Looking at the answers to previous puzzles, all of the movies were popular enough that most people would know. There were very few niche movies.

So, don’t stress! You don’t necessarily have to be a movie expert to play the game well.


And that’s all you need to know about Posterdle! Albeit short, it is a pretty intriguing game that’s great for those who love movies. And since the answers are pretty easy, it should also be great for people who need a short puzzle game to play.

Give it a shot!

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