If you’re a movie buff and love word-based puzzles like Wordle at the same time, then Moviedle is the perfect game for you! The game has the same basic rule as Wordle, but you’ll enjoy its cinematographic twist.

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What Is the Moviedle Game?

Moviedle is a variation of the popular NYT Wordle game. Instead of filling in blank lines on the screen with vague words, you have to fill them with movie titles. The only clues given to you are a short clip taken from the movie.

So if you pride yourself on being a cinephilia, this game will put that claim to the test!

How to Play Moviedle

In this section, we’ll show you in greater detail how to play Moviedle.

The Basic Rules

When you first start the game, you’re presented with blank lines, similar to a Wordle game. However, instead of guessing the word one by one, take in feedback to fine-tune your answers until you come up with the final answer. Moviedle is more visual in its cluing system.

A short clip that lasts a few seconds from the movie will play on the screen. You’re supposed to figure out exactly what that movie is with just this single piece of clue.

You must guess the title in six tries; else, you lose the game.

The Daily Puzzle

Each day, the developer will release a daily puzzle that’s unique for the day. After 24 hours, the puzzle will reset, and you will miss out on the chance of solving it. So, make sure to check it daily.

Tips and Tricks

There are a few tips and tricks that you can use to be better at the game, despite its straightforwardness.

Read the Answers for Past Puzzles

Answers from past puzzles are recorded in the game’s archive. You can re-read them. Who knows, you may be able to glean the answer to the puzzle you’re currently stuck at after scanning through the past titles!

Take Your Time

Like any word-based game, don’t get too fixated on it if you can’t figure it out immediately. There’s no timer, so if you’re struggling on a puzzle, walk away and clear your head before returning to it.

Watch More Movies!

Since it’s a game that intimately has to do with cinematography, the only way to be truly good at Moviedle is to … watch more movies!

The developer covers a wide range of movies from different genres and periods. You will find clips from the most recent movies like Ant-Man. But sometimes, you’ll find footage from classics like Apocalypse Now and The Silence of the Lamb, too.


The Moviedle game is an excellent game for movie-lovers that just so happen to enjoy solving puzzles in their downtime. It’s a great game to entertain yourself when you’re bored and indulge your inner passion for good movies!

You can play the game for free online through the link:

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