For the diehard fan of word guessing games, one Wordle every day is essentially insufficient and offers no challenge. That is why many players are now searching for other Wordle alternatives.

Among the choices, Kilordle stands out as where you attempt to solve many words simultaneously but have nearly little chance of success. After all, even with seemingly endless guesses, how can you guess 1,000 distinct words?

Well, we are here to help. Continue reading to know more about this amazing puzzle game.

About Kilordle Game

Kilordle is a word game inspired by Wordle, with 1,005 guesses and 1,000 wordles at once.

However, instead of playing just one NYT Wordle at a time, you play a number of them simultaneously, each game using the same set of presumptions. Once you’ve solved every puzzle correctly, you’ve won.

Although it may seem like another extreme exercise, some thought went into this one: the riddles you are closest to completing are ordered to the top, and solved ones are completely erased.

Additionally, since you receive credit for words for which you have all green letters, you can guess more than one word.

How To Play Kilordle

In this game, you do not need to guess the precise word. It is enough if you enter with the correct letter placements. You are allowed countless guesses at will.

Just visit Wordle Unlimited and use your keyboard or mouse to type a string of words that could be any word in the dictionary; you can start the journey to beat the game.

Kilordle Game Tips

The bad news is there are no valuable tips for playing the game. Yet, if you’re new to this and need knowledgeable advice, following the below principle, you can cover all 1000 words in 100 guesses or less.

Kilordle deviates from standard Wordle rules regarding when a word is officially guessed. It will disappear if a term has received every letter green from initial guesses.

For instance, suppose the word in the standard Wordle was “GUESS,” and your first two entries were GUILT and BLESS. Based on the arrangement of green squares, you would then be certain that the answer was GUESS, but you would still need to enter it using the third entry.

Meanwhile, Kilordle eliminates the need for additional guesses if you are confident of the letters’ locations. This means that if you began with GUILT and BLESS, the word “GUESS” would be marked off if it is one of the 1000 words, along with additional terms like “GUEST” that have all of those letters confirmed.

To put it another way, if GUILT, BLESS, GUESS, and GUEST were all among the 1000 words to guess, you would have thought of at least four terms in just two guesses.

One feature that would help with hand optimization is you could choose a position on the keyboard and have the letters that have already occurred in that location grayed out.


If you play regularly, Kilordle isn’t particularly challenging. Once you master the first few terms, they might look even more straightforward. You’ll have enough cues to figure out the remaining ones.

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