A Quick Introduction About Flagle

If you are a big fan of guessing games, Flagle must be the exciting game you are looking for. Flagle displays flags of different nations under the Wordle form for players to point out which country the flag belongs to. Typically, you must finish your answer within six guesses, but some Flagle game platforms may offer extra tries.

At first, a country’s flag will be divided into 6 gray squares without any hint. If you can pick the correct answer, the separate boxes will combine and turn into the color of the flag nation. The fewer tries you have to use to guess the flag, the higher scores you achieve.

Flagle is available on every device, so you can enjoy this guessing game on your smartphones, tablets, or PCs. Due to its player-friendly and interesting gameplay, Flagle will be an appropriate game for your friend and family meetings.

Flagle Game Modes

Initially, there’s only one play round for Flagle players each day, unlike other Wordle games. Once you find out the correct Flagle that day, you must wait until the next day to guess a new flag. However, until now, Flagle developers have introduced an unlimited Flagle playing mode with modified gameplay.

How To Play Flagle

#1 Today Flagle

Today Flagle is the original game mode that allows you to guess only one nation flag daily.

Flagle will present the secret flag in 6 different gray square boxes. Below is a list of all nations in the world that you need to click to partly color the gray boxes. If the nation you click is not today’s answer, the system will show you the distance from the mistaken country and its direction to the country of the secret flag.

You must finish your guessing within six tries. If you can’t figure out the precise flag after six guesses, you will lose the game. On the contrary, Flagle will honor you as the winner when you can figure out the right nation of the flag before using up your tries.

The social network function is also available on Flagle. You can share your achievement on social network pages and still hide the actual flag image today.

#2 Unlimited Flagle

Flagle developers have recently released new Flagle versions with limited play rounds. Hence, you can play this puzzle game without waiting for a new challenge for up to 24 hours. Yet, the gameplay will be different.

Several mini square boxes are showing the images of 30 random flags. At the bottom, you can see seven square boxes filled in random colors. You will get hints about the secret flags by clicking the colored boxes.

The box with the color of the flagle will remain, or else it will disappear. And, you can guess the secret flag from the two colored boxes left. If you want something more exciting, you can directly click the mini flag images.

The limit for choosing the colored boxes to get a hint or directly picking the flag image boxes is six times. You can combine these two ways of guessing simultaneously, but your tries are still no more than 6.

Some Tricks For Flagle

The best support must be from Google. Once you get the hints about the distance and direction from the national flag you have chosen to the secret flag, you can use Google Maps to see which one can be the potential destination.

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