Wordle’s popularity is growing, and enthusiasts have become addicted to it. Many simply aren’t content with playing just one puzzle per day.

For these users, Cladder is the ideal Wordle substitute. The amount of words is just right to keep your brain engaged without making you feel worn out. So, what is Cladder, and how to win it? Read on to know more!

About Cladder

What Is Cladder?

Basically, it is a word-guessing game in which you must figure out all ten clues within 60 seconds. Starting with a three- or four-letter word, you will be given a clue that will need you to replace a letter from the preceding word to get the solution.

Like NYT Wordle, there is just one new Cladder each day, but if that’s not enough for you, you can browse the complete archive of previous puzzles if you’re so inclined.

Simply select the archive option from the menu below the play button to access a numbered grid that lists all previous game days.

Game Mode

The game currently has three modes:

  • Hard Mode: you won’t be able to jump or receive any guidance on which tile to switch if you become trapped. Your score will be highlighted with an asterisk if you opt to play in the hard mode so other players know you’ve finished the challenge.
  • Select Mode: Players can alter a letter by tapping on a thumbnail rather than entering the complete word.
  • Teacher Mode: This setting is ideal for a classroom environment; there is no timer in this mode to promote cooperative play.
  • How To Play The Cladder Game?

    It’s really easy to play Cladder, and you can start it on a computer, a smartphone, or any other device that supports a web browser, such as Chrome, Safari, or Firefox.

    You now have 60 seconds to solve all ten clues, and you must change one letter from the preceding word to receive the answer. For example, if the first word is DIVE and the suggestion being honey home, you might think about HIVE.

    You must; however, you need to be quick because you have a short deadline.

    You have one skip, but it will cost you five seconds if you are genuinely lost and unsure how to move on.

    Tips For Playing Cladder

    The game is straightforward; you just need to follow the rules and use the suggestions after each guess to find the accurate word.

    • A word appears in the grid box.
    • Change a letter in the grid based on your best guess.
    • You would have the opportunity to discover if your estimate was inaccurate. You only have one minute to solve the puzzle.
    • You win the game if all your predictions are accurate.
    • Time is the make-and-break factor. You must be quick. There is no time for googling.


    The Cladder is straightforward and is a great challenge for developing children. This guessing game’s incredible design enhances the understanding of guessing to raise IQ levels. Would you like to play? Click here.

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