Are you a chess fan? Do you enjoy playing the well-known NYT Wordle games? The good news is that you may now play Chessle – a combined version of Wordle and chess if you enjoy both games. It might be perplexing for brand-new gamers.

In this article, we go through the Chessle’s rules, how to play, and other specifics. You can learn all the specifics here. Let’s scroll down now!

What Is Chessel?

Chessle, as the name implies, combines wording and chess in 1 online game platform.

Following the success of the series of games that have been released, Wordle introduced several different variations. One of those variations is Chessel. Chess is part of this game, however, some rules are based on Wordle.

The player must predict the opening sequence in Chessle. The maneuvers were modeled on the defense of the Nimzo Indians. The game can be played once per day and you will have six moves. The Chessle game will restart a new turn at midnight every day.

How To Play Chessle

In Chessle game, there are two modes: Normal mode and Expert mode. You have to guess 3 moves for each color in Normal mode while you have to correctly predict 5 moves across all colors in Expert mode.

You are free to choose any mode that suits you. For a seamless gaming experience, follow the instructions below.

Black and white pieces will be displayed on a chessboard. Alphabets and numbers will be written on the board. In Chessle, you need to click on the token and the box will show the selected move.

Once you get the hang of it, the game is quite simple. The Chessle rules that you need to know when playing this game include:

  • Green – If a tile turns green, it will play that move.
  • Yellow: A tile is played with black or white when it switches to yellow, however, the position is not correct.
  • Gray – When it becomes gray, that tile does not play black or white.
  • The movements mentioned above are just an illustration of how color works. The game has additional moves to determine the tokens.

    Tips & Tricks To Play Chessle Game

    Don’t mess up with the tiles: As there are many tiles in the grid, there is an off chance that you will move the wrong tile, especially after playing for a long time.

    Don’t rush: You should pick normal mode if this is your first time playing or you haven’t mastered it yet.

    Incognito mode: If 6 tries can’t suffice you, turn to incognito mode for unlimited guesses.


    After the Wordle game gained a large fanbase, many other games were created. You can play this game if you like wording and chess. You will find the basic description and rules of the game Chessle in this article.

    We know that it can be difficult for you to choose the best mind game with an abundance of options. However, you won’t be disappointed when you give Chessle a chance.

    What do you think about Chessel? Post your thoughts in the comments section to discuss with other players now.

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