A Quick Introduction About Canuckle Game

For a while, you may have known about a famous game being trendy on social networks called NYT Wordle. Canuckle is a remake version of Wordle.

Wordle is a product of a software engineer named Josh Wardle. He developed this game because he wanted to offer his partner an interesting puzzle game that doesn’t consume much of the players’ time. For this reason, there are only six guesses for a five-letter word daily.

You are the winner if you can find the secret word before using up six tries. Or else you will lose the game. Notably, there’s only one word a day, which means you can’t play more rounds even when you win or lose the puzzle game of that day.

This may be a pain for Wordle game addicts, so a Twitter user named @chordbug created an alternative for Wordle called Canuckle. In general, Canuckle has the same gameplay as Wordle does. Players must identify the secret words within six tries to win the game. However, some remarkable features tell these two puzzle games apart.

Foremost, Canuckle offers players unlimited play rounds. This feature is the prominent reason why many players turn to Canuckle. They don’t have to wait up to 24 hours for a new secret word to solve.

What’s more, you can enjoy a more challenging experience in Canuckle by adjusting the number of letters in a word. You can start with the less complicated word with four letters or go on a hard-core mode with an 11-letter word.

There is a slider above the word table for you to modify the word length. Remember that your guess limit is still six, no matter how many letters the secret words contain.

How To Play Canuckle

Game Modes

Canuckle is not a game you must download onto your smartphone or PCs to play. Instead, you can enjoy Canuckle online on the browsers.

There are two different game modes for you: Today’s and Random. You can spot which game mode you are into and change it via the blue underlined word on the left of the Canuckle heading.

Today’s game mode allows you to find out only one secret word like the original version Wordle. On the contrary, the Random game mode brings you unlimited play times.

How To Play

You must type a valid word with the same number of letters as the secret words. Three occasions will happen when you guess:

  • If all the letters go gray, you haven’t picked any precise letter
  • If one of the letters is yellow, it means that the yellow is in the secret word, but it is not in the right position
  • If one of the letters turns red, it indicates that you have guessed the exact letter in the right position
  • You are the winner when your guessing word appears with all the red letters.

    Trick For Canuckle

    You can search a list of words with the same number of letters as the secret word. When you find some yellow or red letters, you can increase your chance of guessing by comparing the current word with the list of potential words you have searched.

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