In the entertaining and original choral word guessing game Byrdle, you have to determine the lyrics of a song before the timer expires. It’s ideal for honing your speaking abilities or team-building activities, and it’s free to play!

Before you begin playing, make sure you are well informed about the game. We go over the Byrdle’s rules, how to play, and other details in this post. All the specifics are available here. So, let’s scroll down!

What Is The Byrdle Game?

Josh Wardle’s word guessing puzzle game Wordle has become a favorite entertainment for many players. Each day, the game will choose a new five-letter word, and players will have up to six chances to correctly guess the word simply using the hints.

The Wordle’s Mastermind-like structure serves as the main model for several substitutions, some of which are created in different languages ​​or with some more specific choice words related to a topic. Specifically, this time, choral music is the focus.

Byrdle first appeared as a meme on Twitter in January 2022, tweeted by the choir’s thread account QuireMemes. The game was then actually created by mathematician Robert Bignall, who was both a “coder” and a “chorus nerd”.
Similar to Wordle, “connect with choral music,” is the way to find the answer. Proper nouns, plural nouns, and musical phrases from foreign languages ​​are some of the potential solutions to the game. Latin and Italian are the two most widely spoken non-English languages.

How To Play Byrdle

Byrdle associates buzzwords with choral music. As long as the words are related to choral music, they can be anything, including proper nouns, musical phrases, or even words not found in English.

Players have to try to decipher Byrdle via 6 letters daily, just like Wordle. When a word is in the correct position, it is indicated by green letters. For correct but misplaced letters, it will turn yellow; and when it’s not in the secret word at all, it’s represented by gray letters. Players can only play once per day and have six chances to guess.

Players can change a few parameters, most of which are related to the data they have.

The settings menu includes options for “Dark Mode”, “Color Blind Mode”, and “Fancy Font Mode” (for the “genuine chorus experience”). In the “Hard Mode” that can be activated by the player, you must use any correct letter in your next guesses.

Tips To Play Byrdle Game

Look carefully when filling: Due to the large number of boxes, there is a chance that you do incorrectly, so be careful to fill in the letters exactly in the cells you want.

Choose suitable game mode: If this is your first time playing or you are not quite proficient, you should avoid Hard mode.


You can spend a short amount of time each day playing the fun game Byrdle. The gameplay is quite similar to NYT Wordle games, but you can also change the difficulty to keep things interesting. Also, it can teach you a lot of things! So feel free to give it a chance. You won’t want to miss this game.

What are your thoughts about Byrdle? To engage in conversation with other players, post your thoughts in the comments box below.

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