A Quick Glance At Antiwordle Game

When you play NYT Wordle, your mission must be to find out the correct secret word. On the contrary, Antiwordle brings an absolutely opposite rule but similar gameplay for Wordle addicts.

Antiwordle game also allows players to guess one word daily, like Wordle. Instead of spotting the secret word, you must avoid finding it with as many guesses as possible. Your game will start with a concealed five-letter word, and you will choose a random word using the alphabet.

How To Play Antiwordle?

Playing Antiwordle is straightforward like playing Wordle. You can create a word by tapping the screen’s virtual keyboard or typing your physical keyboard.

Three cases will happen when you pick your word:

  • If one of the letters in the word turns gray, it means that you have picked the wrong word with the wrong letters. Ironically, this is the sign that you are doing good in Antiwordle. Once the letter becomes gray, it is unusable, so you can’t use it for the next guessing.
  • If there is a yellow letter in the word you arrange, it indicates that you are close to identifying the secret word. And, here is the fun part of Antiwordle. You must include the yellow letter in the word you arrange in the next round. For this reason, the chance of you picking the precise answer will significantly increase.
  • If the word you choose is red, you lose the game.
  • This game may sound like a piece of cake because most players assume that precisely guessing their target word but not picking the secret word is a true challenge.

    However, the gameplay forces you to choose the correct secret word. The more gray letters you have, the fewer choices of letters you can use to form a word.

    Besides, you must include the yellow letters on other tries. A simple calculation can show you that the chance of picking the red word is considerably higher than you assume.

    Some Tricks For Playing Antiwordle

    There aren’t any reliable strategies or skills that may help you to maintain the best score in every Antiwordle game. Yet, we would like to share some tips that can keep your score at an acceptable level:

  • You should try to build a word that has identical letters, so you can save many words from turning gray and unusable.
  • Q and Z are often the beginning of rare words. Try to create words starting with these letters.
  • Use your skill in Wordle to predict the correct secret word, then go in the opposite direction.
  • You should leave the yellow letters in the same places as when you find them. Don’t move the yellow letters to different positions, or else they may turn into a red word.
  • You can Google some rare and strange five-letter words you may not have heard before to start the game.
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