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Our social media feeds have been overrun by Wordle’s adorable mosaic of green-yellow-gray grids. If, however, playing it just once a day isn’t satisfying your word game itch, you might want to give Absurdle, a better but more difficult Wordle Online variant, a try. It calls itself an “adversarial variant.” It is, in essence, what Wordle would like if it were infected with a rebel AI, which makes using Absurdle considerably more difficult.

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What Is The Absurdle Game?

Participants in Wordle, a craze that has spread throughout the world, search for new words every day. The guidelines are quite basic. Based on the letters that are still in the word, the player can infer what it is.

In contrast, the puzzle in Absurdle tries to avoid giving you the solution but giving you a hint for each guess. Absurdle is thought to be harder than Odle as a result of this transition.

Absurdle decided to choose a different strategy. The puzzle will alter its solution in response to each guess to keep the player guessing for as long as possible. The player can try to trick the Absurdle into revealing the word by using extra letters.

How To Play

The game will not set a secret word when you start the game. Instead, the mystery word is chosen based on the words you guess. With nearly 2,000 potential words at the start, Absurdle’s internal word list gets smaller with each term you submit.

You must force the game to use your chosen word to do this. You will see a white screen. Almost certainly, your first few sentences will be completely grayed out because the system is working against you.

Using two words at the beginning that do not share any letters is a quick and simple technique to reduce the list of potential words. Therefore, the first two words of all words containing those gray characters will be crossed out.

There’s a hint for lazy players: you can ask the computer to randomly select five-letter words for your rows by clicking the random guess button at the bottom right of the virtual keyboard if you don’t want to guess yourself.

Depending on which green or yellow word you correctly identified, switch the term absurdly every time you guess wrong. The best thing is that you can speculate all day with no time limit!

Tips and Tricks

Use the “Random guess” option: When you run out of words, you can use Absurdle’s option to guess a word for you. You can also continuously use this option to guess to get all the letters of the mystery word and you can even guess the correct answer this way.

Pattern Modification: As you probably already know, the game picks words after you make an initial guess, so the system has an advantage if you keep using the same terms with slight variations after each attempt (e.g. Flash, Slack, black), because there is a potential that it will take a while to guess the correct phrase.

Instead, try changing the whole world (e.g. Flash, Slack, Party). You could be wrong, but there’s a good chance you’ll get a new letter to make up the whole word.


Absurdle is a fun game that you can play for the entire day. The gameplay is totally in contrast to other Wordle’s online, and there is also the option to alter the level of difficulty. Additionally, it has a lot to teach you! So please feel free to give it a try. This is a game you won’t want to miss.

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